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22 Nov 2023 - 29 Nov 2023
7 days 5 night
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HIGHLIGHTS: AAAAA恩施大峡谷 :恩施三大名片之一,世界上最美丽的伤痕,东方科罗拉多 Enshi Grand Canyon : One of 3 business card of Enshi, The most beautiful scar in the world, Eastern Colorado AAAA两坝一峡游船:观葛洲坝、观世纪工程三峡大坝,赏西陵峡风光 Two Dams One Gorge Cruise : View the Gezhou Dam, the Three Gorges Dam of the Century Project & enjoy Xiling Gorge scenery AAAA清江大峡谷:全中国罕见的原生态风貌保存最完美的河谷 Qingjiang Grand Canyon : The most perfectly preserved river valley with rare original ecological features in China AAAA土家女儿城:中国第八大人造古镇 Tujia Girl’s Town : The eighth largest man-made ancient town in China AAAA地心谷:被《中国国家地理》誉为中国第五大古道 Geocentric Valley Scenic Area:Honoured as the fifth largest ancient road in China by “Chinese National Geography”
Meal: Meal on board (机上用餐)
  • Depart to Wuhan. 出发到武汉
  • Check in Hotel. 入住酒店

DAY 2: WUHAN - JINGZHOU - YICHANG  武汉 - 荆州 - 宜昌
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (早/午/晚)
  • Jingzhou Ancient City Wall 荆州古城墙 - The city wall, the best preserved of its kind in China, was mainly built in the Ming Dynasty. (Included electric vehicle) 座体现明清时期传统建筑风格的防御设施(含电瓶车)
  • King Chu’s Mausoleum 楚王车马阵 - The largest, highest-level and most complete tomb of high-ranking nobles in the Chu Kingdom that has been excavated during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. (Included electric vehicle) 目前东周时期已发掘的规模最大、等级最高、布局最完整的楚国 高等级贵族墓葬。(含电瓶车)

DAY 3: YICHANG - ENSHI  宜昌 - 恩施
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (早/午/晚)
  • Yichang Two Dams One Gorge – Gezhouba (Included cruise trip) 宜昌两坝一峡 – 葛洲坝 (含游船)-  Two Dams and One Gorge includes the world’s first dam – the Three Gorges Dam, China’s first Dam – Gezhouba, it retains the original Xiling canyon scenery. 两坝一峡”包含了世界第一坝 — 三峡大坝、中国第一坝 — 葛洲坝,保留了原汁原味峡谷风光的西陵峡。
  • Yichang – Enshi (3.5 hours drive) 宜昌 – 恩施 (车程3.5小时)
  • Enshi Tujia Girl’s Town 恩施土家女儿城  - As the eighth man-made ancient town in the country, the combination of faux-antique buildings and Tujia diaolou perfectly reflects Tujia folk customs. 作为全国第八个人造古镇,整体建筑风格,仿古与土家吊脚楼相结合, 完美体现了土家族的民风民俗。

DAY 4: ENSHI  恩施 
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (早/午/晚)
  • Enshi Grand Canyon 恩施大峡谷 -  The World’s Geological Wonder – Eastern Colorado Grand Canyon. 30 degrees north latitude, one of the most beautiful grand canyons at the end of the world. Karst Landform Natural Museum. 世界地质奇观-东方科罗拉多。北纬30度,全球最长、最美丽的大峡谷之 一, 复合型喀斯特地貌的“天然博物馆”。
  • Yunlong Ground Fissure 云龙地缝 - Known as “The Most Beautiful Scar on the earth”. The iconic landmark “Yi Zhu Xiang” has been rated as one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China. (Included small waist elevator) 被称“地球最美丽的伤痕”。 著名地标:“一炷香”被外媒评为中国最美的40 个景点之一 (含小蛮腰电梯)。
  • Seven Star Village Scenic Area 七星寨风景区 - Karst Landform Natural Museum. (Included Ascending Cableway + Descending Elevator) 喀斯特地形地貌的“天然博物馆”。(含上行索道+下山电梯)

DAY 5: ENSHI  恩施 
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (早/午/晚)
  • Qingjiang Grand Canyon scenic area (Included cruise trip) 清江大峡谷风景区 (含游船)- The most perfectly preserved river valley with rare original ecological features in China. 全中国罕见的原生态风貌保存最完美的河谷。
  • Qingjiang Pearl–Butterfly Cliff (Cruise View) 清江明珠 — 蝴蝶岩 (游船上可见) - It got its name because the two cliffs look like butterflies spreading their wings. 因两片山崖形似蝴蝶展翅而得名。
  • Geocentric Valley Scenic Area 地心谷风景区 - It is a rare Alphine-karst-type valley landform, which is honored as the fifth largest ancient road in China by “Chinese National Geography”, completely retains the pure original ecological stype of “Bashu Throat” since the pre-Qin period. (Included transportation at scenic area ) 属珍奇高山喀斯特岩溶嶂谷地貌,被《中国国家地理》誉为中国第五 大古道,完整地保留着先秦以来“巴蜀咽喉”纯原生态风貌。( 含景区交通)

DAY 6: ENSHI - WUHAN - KOTA KINABALU  恩施 - 武汉 – 亚庇
Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (早/午/晚)
  • 恩施 - 武汉 (乘搭动车约3个多小时) Enshi – Wuhan (More than 3 hours by railway)
  • Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼 - Enjoying the fame of ‘The First Scenery under Heaven’, Its cultural significance led to its being made the symbol of Wuhan City. (Included earphone and excluded chimes) 享有“天下江山第一楼“的美誉,是武汉市的城市标志。 (含耳机,不含编钟)
  • East Lake Scenic Area 东湖听涛风景区  - The biggest scenery tourist attraction in Wuhan. (Included electric vehicle) 武汉最大的风景旅游胜地(含电瓶车)
  • Depart to Wuhan International Airport. 前往武汉国际机场

  • Home sweet home 抵达甜蜜家园


- Return air ticket to Wuhan with airport taxes (with 20kg checked in baggage). - Meal on board. - 5 nights' accommodation with breakfast as per itinerary. - Air-conditioned transportation as per specified in the itinerary. - Professional tour leader service. - Group China Visa (RM180/pax) - Entrance ticket and meals as per specified in the itinerary. - Tour leader/guide tipping. - No Shopping and optional tours. Note:- ***** Tour Leader is provided with group size of 16pax or above. ***** For Non-Malaysian Chinese (Malay/Indian/Other country's citizen) will have surcharge RM450/pax.


- All personal incidental expenses, room service, laundry, luggage handling fees, excess baggage charges, beverages, telephone, personal and baggage insurance. - Other items which are not stated in the itinerary. - Travel insurance. - Optional tours (if any).
1. Flights, transportation, hotels, meals and itinerary stated in the brochure are subject to change without prior notice. Any changes after booking shall be advised accordingly. 2. The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangements are subject to the final confirmation by the local ground operator due to weather situation. 3. Tour buses are arranged based on group size. Every passenger is entitled to one seat each. Should there be extra seats remaining, it shall be reserved for the baggage storage. 4. Tour is conducted in Mandarin, unless otherwise stated. 5. Purchase of travel insurance is highly advisable. 6. The images shown in tour itinerary are only for indicative. 7. For other conditions, please refer to overleaf of your booking form for our standard terms and conditions. 8. The english version of itinerary shall prevail.
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